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Want a happy baby? follow these happy tips



Happy baby              The words “I love you” and a little hug from a child is a piece of heaven .




Being a mother of two, my utmost priority is always to have peaceful interaction with them and to avoid any thing which may lead to a unhappy baby which then consequently causes baby tantrums , unreasonable crying and then the cycle ends up in my bad mood and headache lols every mom’s story right !!!
Well this is a vicious cycle that every mom dreads
I’m mother of two kids and since every baby is always going to be different from ur other , I have noticed some same patterns and now that I know how to deal with those situations , most of the time I’m able to avoid any such reason which will cost me a headache.
So here are some simple ways I have come to know along my journey of motherhood.


Babies don’t like to be surprised guys!
They want to know what’s coming next and it comforts them . You should make a timetable for his basic activities like play time, bath time ,nap time ( most important …..u have no idea what my son does to me if I miss his sleep time ….it’s a nightmare) The schedule shouldn’t be tight as office hours but u should make sure to follow it . Like if he sleeps at noon u can go from 3-5pm and give him nap time around these hours . If u usually give him bath in morning then u can chose to give it before or after breakfast . And also don’t clash one activity with other , like giving bath when it’s his nap time ,believe me guys it’s a deadly mix !


Okay okay I know there will be lots of times when ur baby is holding something dangerous or licking something dirty or doing something that just gave u goosebumps .
But making a loud noise and just snatching it right away will only make him terrified , grumpy and even more curious about that thing that it will stick to his mind and he will wanna try it out again .
What I do is start talking to him , pick him up in my arms take him outside and try to point out something he likes e.g his bike, the cat etc and while doing so I slowly take it from his hands or even if there was nothing in his hands and he was doing something he will forget about it and be instantly busy in the new activity . All it takes is some patience and being calm to keep a baby happy ,well motherhood is actually a test of ur patience 24/7,sleep or awake lols so what can we do 😉

To grow a happy baby invest your time

Give them the most precious thing “YOUR TIME

Well well believe it or not no toy , gaming device , outdoor activity can replace the effect of what giving your sole attention and time to your baby does .
It’s what your baby craves , did you know when you make an eye contact with your baby it causes to turn on his nervous system in such a manner that is equal to the feelings of excitement and makes his heart beat faster . Well there are the effects upon his brain , the effects on his mood and personality are way more .
I have always noticed my baby gets grumpy and starts to throw stuff and become aggressive when he sees that I’m not attentive towards him n rather busy In my phone , laptop etc and as soon as I remove all those things and just smile at him he relaxes and calms down and gets back to his happy baby mood.

Appreciate and reward your baby “A LOT”

Appreciating and rewarding your baby can be in a lot of ways like
Clapping for them
Giving them some sweet (occasionally)
Giving them a kiss and hug
Doing their favorite activity like taking out on a drive or reading his favourite story book.
It can be anything that u think makes them feel appreciated and happy because you know that best 🙂
Feeling appreciated upon doing a good task helps them to remember and keep repeating it until it becomes a good habit . And it also keeps them in a cheerful mood so it a win-win situation 🙂

At then I would like to say that trust your mommy guts u can never be wrong about your child ,that’s something that comes naturally with motherhood only do what you think is right for your baby and it will always be right . Believe In yourself and rock that mommy attitude.

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