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Never loose your energy again with these simple steps


Hey ya all hope ur All enjoying your lives and living It to the fullest.
Regarding living life to fullest what’s the most important factor that’s sometimes missing??
Well other than health we need that keeps us going !!! It’s our everyday energy level….
Yes guys we are always looking for ways to feel energetic and get that sluggish feeling out of our body . We usually reach for our routine fix of caffeine in form of coffee or energy drink but that is a short term brain stimulant and soon after we feel tired again. Soon we become so used to caffeine that we become dependent on that cup of joe or else our brain remains shut .
Well today I’m going to talk about the natural ingredients and things that will give you energy boost and I will also tell u about a drink that is such an energy booster plus it has none of the harmful and short term stimulating stuff like caffeine and sugar .
Well I’m not saying to ditch coffee ( because all the coffee lovers are gonna hate me 😀 )
All I’m saying is if fatigue and tiredness has become a part of your daily life that u need to look for other causes and remedies of it not just a short time fix to deal with your tiredness 🙂
Following tips are known to banish that fatigue and bone weariness from your body

Good sleep

A good night sleep is very important to feel energetic the next day. Our body repairs and regenerates during the night sleep. For getting maximum benefit we should get 8 hours of sleep daily. And if you have a hectic routine then sneaking in a hour of power nap during the day when possible is also a very good idea.

these small power naps can make u feel very energetic guys believe me. So always get ample sleep and try to follow a set routine so that your body clock can be rhythmic and happy hormones stay abundant 🙂

Cut out those carbs

Do you know that too much simple carb consumption causes sluggish reflexes and drop in energy levels. Simple carbs are in foods like pasta,bread,sugary drinks cookies and cakes .
Consuming these will spike your blood sugar level with a momentary energy boost and then wham!!!! the energy will drop suddenly . So it’s better to consume complex carbs that will provide a steady and longer energy source . Complex carbs are found in

  • Brown bread , brown pasta and rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Nuts , legumes , chia seeds
  • Vegetables like sweet potatoes

Chia seeds and quinoa are known as super foods they contains high amount of antioxidants which keep inflammation at bay and also lots of nutrients to fight fatigue .

Drink cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is a very sweet and spicy herb famous for its weight loss properties but did you know that is also has anti fatigue properties ?
Drinking a cup cinnamon tea everyday will boost your energy level for sure

  • Boil an inch and half stick or if powder form then take half teaspoon in water
  • Let it seep for 10 minutes
  • Add a some lemon drops or honey for extra taste
  • Enjoy

Take vitamin B-complex

It’s basically a complex of different vitamins necessary for producing energy for the body . Lower than required amount of vitamin-B in body may be the cause of low energy level and feeling of tiredness , so it’s really important to consume healthy amount of fruits and vegetables as they contain vitamin-B.

Be an Iron-Man

Iron takes glucose from our food and converts it into energy but it is dependable on vitamin C for its absorption from food into body so basically having iron and vitamin C both is necessary to keep the energy level ample .
Iron is found in liver , leafy vegetables and eggs . While vitamin C is abundant among citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit and lemons .

So these are some practical and important tips to keep fatigue at bay and feel energetic . Hope it will have helped you out to fight ur fatigue .


Disclaimer : Be sure to always consult your doctor before taking any supplements if you are dealing with any health issue . And try to put these tips in your lifestyle at a moderate level because extreme of anything may cause harm .

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