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All the stay at home moms ! Try out these fun activities to perk up your day

Well it’s true for all the stay-at-home mommies that you get fed up
Fed up of changing pampers
Of feeding and burping routine if that’s all you got to do
You feel like there is nothing special that you have to do for yourself
Something that inspires you
Gives you something to look forward to
And get excited about
Well well look what I got
Yes you guessed right
I got a list of easy and good activities , that will need some creativity and an hour and half of your day.
I think after taking care of your kids you need atleast this much time to do something of your choice so let’s start

  • Water painting
  • Book reading
  • Make a scrap book for your baby pictures
  • Do a dance workout




Water painting

This is my favorite ladies and please don’t say that your not an artist or you haven’t done anything like this before and may never succeed in doing so because believe me you can it’s not about creating a masterpiece but about touching the creative side of you so that you can have fun and enjoy.
You just need some basic supplies and some beginner friendly techniques and you can go on a journey of imagination .
Water coloring is a very fun medium where you can create beautiful washes of color that will bring joy when you paint it on the paper.
I’m listing the basic supplies and some useful links for beginner level know-how


  • Sakura poster paints
  • Lefranc&bourgeois water pallete
  • Canson and cartridge paper sheets
  • Paint brushes 0,1,4 size rounded
    One flat brush


wonder forest

inkstruck studio

Do give it a try because life is too short to be lazy and timid it should be an experiment.

Book reading

The amount of joy reading a good book of your interest is beyond measure it’s nothing short of a mini adventure while sitting in the comfort of your own home .
I love to read mystery, thrillers and some good old classics but I also love fantasy genre because it takes you to a world of Imagination where anything is possible .
When I’m tired from all day mommy-duties and want to relax just thinking about what will happen next in the current book I’m reading makes me excited and I look forward to reading that book along with a cup of coffee
Just chose an interesting book that will keep you occupied in the spare time that you RARELY get !!!! come on moms you know how tight schedule you got there….

I’m listing some of my favorite books which will keep your eyes glued to them for sure.

  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
  • Forty Rules Of Love by Elif Shafak
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


Make A Scrapbook For Your baby’s Pictures

Compiling pictures of all the important milestones of your baby is a pretty exciting hobby and when you look back you will feel so happy that you put the effort in creating something so beautiful 🙂

making a scrapbook is a pretty fun and super easy activity you will be needing the following stuff

  • a blank scrapbook
  • colorful markers
  • washi-tapes
  • stickers
  • glue
  • some pieces of patterned paper

For the part of taking pictures u can simply get your phone pics printed out or you can use an instant camera like faujifilm Instax camera . Just snap a pic and paste it and write the date time and memory associated with it . Easy peasy  guys !! After a year u will have achieved a wonderful memory book that you enjoy so much every time you look at it.

Dance Workout

Sometimes you need to shake that booty ladies , that is if you really want to shake off that extra fat and get back in the pre-baby shape sigh!! Every moms desire.

I know either you are not motivated enough for that 15 minutes workout or you do star it but after sometime you get bored of the same moves . Well if you are someone who gets bored easily and want something exciting  then this is just what you need .

Dance workouts are not only fun but it’s a type of cardio, some of the benefits of cardio are as follows 

  • improved heart health
  • increase in metabolism
  • increased release of happy mood hormones
  • strong lungs
  • feeling more energetic

so why not get all these benefits and have fun at the same time ?

I’m mentioning my favorite YouTube channels below . I love to follow their dance workouts which are amazing and so fun .

The Fitness Marshal

Soul to Sole : The Fitness & Dance Hub

FitDance Life

well this is all i got to share with you hope u got some inspiration and ideas on how to get some fun and creative activities incorporated in you everyday life so you can also enjoy something of your own personal taste.

And since being a mom means not much time for yourself so i think its really important for a mother to have a fun hobby pursued in her daily routine.

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