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pacifier myths busted ! from a MOTHER and DENTIST

Pacifiers are a scary word for some mothers while for others it’s the one thing that gave them their sanity back when they were mommy to a new baby
Today I’m going to talk about this topic as a mother and a dentist

I also would like to share my personal experience as I became a new mommy to my boy Hanan I went through a pretty rough patch for the first 3-4 months as he had colic. Around 4 months age thank God the colic had gone and he started sleeping through the night.

Things were pretty good for a week but then suddenly his sleep pattern was disturbed and he would cry endlessly before going to sleep be it day or night.

I didn’t know what to do plus I was EXHAUSTED.

I started to look for solutions and came across articles saying that around 4 month age baby requires soothing via thumb or pacifier and that some babies rely upon it more than others.
I then studied what the pediatric dental association has to say about it and found out that they have declared orthodontically correct pacifiers to be safe for babies. and its use has decreased the number of SIDS .

so I went ahead and gave it a try.
believe me guys it worked wonders the moment he got it he slept away peacefully it was like the most magical moment of my life lols.

I was back on track I could visit friends and family. I could go shopping with him.
Life was amazing again

Lots of people who would meet me would say that we have heard pacifiers can cause malaligned teeth and stuff !!! so it’s not true? since you are a dentist and you are giving it to your baby. That’s why I have decided to talk about the commonly known myths related to baby binky.

Pacifiers cause crooked teeth in babies

Well, that’s not entirely true unless a child continues to use it till the age he has permanent dentition starting to erupt which is not common at all. A normal child easily gives up a pacifier around 2-3 years there is still a lot of time for permanent teeth to come so it’s very safe and no worries for malaligned teeth

Once the pacifier falls you cannot use it again

Some of us get really over concerned and the moment a pacifier hits the floor or just falls down somewhere we tend to throw it away and think it can’t be used again well the truth is u can easily use it again by washing it with soapy water or boiling it or steam sterilizing it whichever option is possible at that time and it’s good to use again.

Once you introduce a pacifier to your baby you are afraid he will never give it up

This also a misunderstanding that once we give a pacifier to a baby he will not give it up easily or give it up at all. most babies tend to give it up easily as they get a little older and no longer need self-soothing. others may need a little persuasion in form of reward based technique like for every night he sleeps without pacifier he will get a toy in the morning or some other techniques but the point is they will give it up sooner or later so no need to worry about that

You are afraid your baby is dependent on a pacifier to feel calm

Some parents think by giving a pacifier to a bay you are making him dependent on an object for feeling calm and this behavior may continue into future and your baby might not be independent or he may not know how to feel calm on their own.

 studies have shown that some babies require self-soothing and its an important growth milestone to achieve and the first intelligent act to sooth himself s self-soothing can be achieved with thumb/finger sucking or a pacifier.

this behavior normally shows around age 3-4 months and is really important to be fulfilled and as a dentist I would rather want your baby to have a pacifier instead of sucking his because you can’t take away a thumb and that will be way more difficult to deal with if your baby gets very used to it and doesn’t want to let go.

At the end of the day it’s all about a mother’s judgement if you think that your baby needs soothing and is better off with The pacifier then you can give it to him or if your baby is a calm one and easily soothed and doesn’t require or does not depend upon self-soothing then there is no need for it . happy parenting 🙂
Till next time Byeee.

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