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the most awesome BODY SHOP products everyone should try

best buys from the body shop
best buys from the body shop

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The body shop is a favorite skin care brand for lots of u guys out there. I also have some personal favorites from this brand. I would like to share them with you today and also review them. I would love to know what are your favorite products from the body shop that you would recommend

Well here are my favorite products, they are very good and worth the penny. they are basically good for every skin type and one should definitely try these out. recommend these 100% ๐Ÿ™‚


The Body shop tea tree oil


The Body Shop Tea tree oil


GOOD FOR: oily and acne prone skin

Tea tree oil is a known for it potent anti-bacterial effects against acne-causing germs.there are lots of products consisting of tea tree oil targeting acne prone skin .this is a concentrated form and if ur going through a bout of acne due to weather changes or hormonal issues once in a while then this is your best friend . just dab some onto a cotton bud and apply on the infected area and it will bring down the redness and swelling down in a day .it is very good for those big pimples that take days to get healed is like a natural but medicinal treatment .

Tea tree oil is only for spot treatment do not use it on a full face
Do not use it more than once a day
Do not apply on irritated and flaky skin
Do not use if it causing over dryness and redness


Ginger shampoo the body shop


The Body Shop Ginger shampoo

Good for: itchy flaky scalp and to treat any dandruff issues

I tend to get a little flaky and itchy scalp issues in humid weather and this is my go-to shampoo for those days .


it will clear my scalp and is light enough for daily use

won’t dry out my hair even with daily washing

I love it. Its the only shampoo that really solved my problem and does not have harsh chemicals as main ingredients.

The scent has a gingery edge but after washing there is no smell left in the hair.

You can use it daily at first but once the results are achieved and scalp is clear you should use it alternately with another shampoo, because using one shampoo for long makes the scalp used to it and it will eventually lose its effect.


the body shop strawberry body polish

The Body Shop Strawberry body polish

Good for : having smooth skin in no time at all ๐Ÿ™‚ Removing dead skin from body and achieving a smoother skin texture.

This one is love

love the texture, the delicious aroma everything about it is beautiful

Its a body wash with small beads for scrubbing

it will make your skin so smooth and not to mention the lovely strawberry smell, pair it with a strawberry body butter post bath and you are gonna smell so fruity.

It has small soft beads and thickย  gel like consistency.

It lathers up and removes dead skin giving you a skin polish hence the name body polish.

Its a lovely addition to anyone spa day routine ๐Ÿ™‚

the body shop peppermint pumice foot scrub


The Body Shop Peppermint foot scrub

Good for: Removing dead and dry skin layer of feet soothing tired and callous feet .Effectively removes dead skin and give a relaxing scrub massage.

This is best foot scrub ever guys

it applies beautifully making a rich lather and leaving your foot super fresh and super soft

if you want to skip your pedicure this will rescue you its just awesome you will have to use it to believe me.

the peppermint scent will leave your senses so fresh and invigorating.

unlike other foot scrubs which tend be a little harsh this one is so mild on skin yet super effective.


the body shop foot rescue balm

The Body Shop Peppermint intensive cooling foot rescue

Good for: moisturizing and soothing tired and dry feet

This is like the sister to her foot scrub and is a must if you are getting the scrub to enjoy the complete experience .

its has such soft and buttery consistency

A moisturizing cream that will make your feet super relaxed and smooth.

The peppermint essential oil in it will sooth your tired feet a lot .

Apply it after the scrub and just sit back and relax its very creamy so you will have to wait for it to get fully absorbed

it just takes a little while though. no worries ๐Ÿ™‚


the body shop lip and cheek sticklip and cheek stick swatch

The Body Shop Lip n cheek velvet stick

This is like a mini stick to give your face instant makeover

I keep it in my purse and usually between getting myself and the kids ready I don’t have much time. I just apply a BB cream with sun protection and leave and in the carย  just put some of the stain on my lips

whatever is the mood it can be applied in dark and lightest shade according to how much you layer it and then just put some on my cheeks and voila it gives such a natural sun-kissed effect on the face and the lips look so plump and natural since it has no shine in it.


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