chicken noodle kebab
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Chicken Noodle Kebab

Hey, my beauties * waving my hand enthusiastically *

So the weather is getting better here in Karachi and with good weather comes good food

so recently I made some yummy noodle kebab and shared the process on my Instagram story

and I got request of sharing the recipe …. so here I am as demanded

its very easy and very delicious kids and adults equally love it u can serve it a tea-time delicacy or as a side dish with rice too ..khair batain bohut huwi let’s get to the tarqeeb…


chopped bell pepper and potato and 4 eggs

preparati0n time:30-35 min

cooking time:15-20 min


Instant noodles           1 pack

eggs                                   4

shimla mirch/

bell pepper                      1 medium size cut in thin cubes

potato                               1 medium size cut in thin cubes

noodle masala

in chatpata flavor half packet

salt                                     according to taste

black pepper                     half teaspoon

chicken breast                  1 cup boiled and shredded by hand


  1. boil the noodles and add only half packet masala in it.
  2. drain and set aside.
  3. whisk 4 eggs and add in the drained noodles.
  4. put the cubes of shimla/bell pepper and potato in the mixture.
  5. add the shredded chicken pieces.

add shreded chicken in noodles mixture
final mixture      6.add the remaining half masala pack, salt, and black pepper powder and mix properly to divide all the veggies equally in the noodles.


  1. heat a skillet and add olive oil in it.
  2. once the oil is heated, bring the flame to medium-low.
  3. add the noodle mixture with the help of a tablespoon.
  4. once the lower side is golden brown carefully turn over using two spatulas/forks.
  5. cooking
  6. when both sides golden brown then take it off the pan and place it in a paper napkin to drain extra oil.
  7. chicken noodle kebab
  8. serve with garlic chili sauce and tea
  9. don’t forget to enjoy larkion 🙂

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