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10 ways you can loose weight without any DIET or EXERCISE

hey everyone so today I am going to talk to you about how we can lose weight without any exercise or diet.

I am myself a mother of two, I am also breastfeeding at the moment and I have a toddler who is always running around so I don’t have time to exercise neither I can diet because I am always hungry due to breastfeeding.

I am going to tell you little tricks and tips which, when you follow or regularly on daily basis and make a habit of it you are going to see a difference in your weight in just one month believe me….

but you have to follow them religiously and like try to do it as much as you can.

After my 2nd baby was born I wanted to lose some Pounds because I had gained a lot of weight and I couldn’t exercise cause I was always busy with Hanan plus I would always be hungry so I couldn’t diet.

that’s why I read some books and I found Lots of stuff to put into practice. I’m going to discuss the ones that were really helpful for me and they have shown a difference


1. Drink a glass of water before your mealdrink water before meal

so basically what you will do is drink a big glass of water right before your meal.

this will fill up some space in your tummy and you will get full earlier

you will then eat less as compared to when not having a glass of water.

plus it also decreases your appetite and will result in decreased calorie intake thus loss of fat.


2. Eat in a smaller plateeat in small plate

 This is basically a psychological Trick when you take a small plate and fill it up, your brain will think that you are eating a full plate of a meal but actually, you are going to eat little lesser than as compared to eating in a big plate.


3. Eat a portion of salad with every meal

whenever you eating anything always include a portion of salad, it can be lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes whatever you like, so this will help you to have a portion of the fiber in your meal instead of just carbohydrate

Eating fibers not only keeps your tummy healthy but also help you to keep will keep your tummy fuller for long.

as a result, you will eat fewer carbohydrates, Roti or rice or whatever you are eating and ingest fewer calories.


4. Eat protein-rich breakfast

eat oatmeal for protien

This step is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle and for losing weight. Research has shown that eating breakfast rich in protein will help you burn more calories.

you will you gain muscle instead of fat and your body will attain a shape rather than just fat.

for protein intake, you should eat eggs, fish, chicken breast piece, lentils, and quinoa.


5. Chew your food slowly

gilmore girls eating GIF

We have always been told to chew properly by our parents when we were kids right !!!

this is like a habit change and its important for mindful eating.

when we start chewing the tongue will send a signal to the brain like okay I am eating now and after  20 minutes of chewing the brain will signal the stomach that it’s enough now you must be full so we get that full tummy feeling.

now if you eat slowly not only you are eating mind fully and enjoying the food you are also eating lesser than as compared to when you are eating in a normal fast-paced-gulping of the food.


6. Don’t watch TV while eating

spongebob squarepants popcorn GIF


guys, I know everyone likes to watch tv and Eat

BUT, it’s very harmful to since we are not concentrating on the food so you eat a lot then you actually need to.

This rule is very important to have a healthy weight and Healthy Lifestyle.

Always try to follow this for yourself and teach your kids that there should be no electronics distraction while it is lunch or dinner time.

this will prove to be very helpful in the long run and you will definitely eat lesser and enjoy all the food too.

7. keep junk food far away

ice cream pizza GIF

I read about this cool research that changing your environment in favor of your goals no matter what they are will help to achieve your goal more easily

like for instance, you want to eat more healthy stuff and lesser junk food, so what you’re gonna do is keep all the nimko, chips and coke away deep inside a cupboard and keep a bowl of fresh fruits and a big bottle of water right where you usually lounge.

So now what happens is whenever you are going to feel like eating or drinking anything you will automatically reach out for the nearest snack that will be either fruit or water rather than getting up and doing the tiring work of retrieving the junk food from that far corner.

so the chances to eat junk will become lesser.

In this way, you are avoiding fattening foods without much thought and effort.


8. Drink lemon and ACV water

apple cider vinegar


ACV(apple cider vinegar) and water is a detox drink that will not only make your skin glowing but also help you get rid of extra fat and toxins.

its recipe has been around for a while now and people swear by it.

I have also used this a lot when I have bad skin days or to detoxify my body.

Using this drink for a month and more will definitely help you lose fat along when paired with other healthy habits.


one big glass of warm water

add 2 spoon apple cider vinegar

squeeze half lemon


DONT use this drink if you are breastfeeding your baby since the toxins released may get into breast milk and baby will ingest it.

9. Avoid stress

So STRESS and SLEEP DEPRIVATION are our pakka Dushman(enemy)  in case of weight loss because stress will cause our body to go in a state where it does not use much energy and tries to save every calorie we eat in form of fat.

so yeah try to avoid stress YOU can do that in many ways meditate, think about the things that you are grateful for, laugh and play with your baby, exercise all these activities are proven way to reduce stress level.

Sleeping well also has lots of benefits for skin and overall health.

research shows that maximum fat burning occurs during deep sleep and that will only happen if we are sleeping more than 8 hours a day.

That’s why keep your stress and sleep level in check to stay smart and healthy.


10. Say no to sugary carbonated drinks

I know this one u might have heard 100 times but sachiiiii this one is very important especially while binge-watching at night we can gulp down a good 2-3 glasses do u know how many calories one glass has? 41 calories !!! almost equal to a half Roti guys Matlab apne 1-2 rotianKhaa li !!!!!!
So, in short, SAY NO to coke and Pepsi etc to lose some weight ladies.


I hope you found my post helpful and got motivated enough to bring some lifestyle and habit changes that will go a long way. so let’s get started right now and have an awesome healthy life.
With love

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