hemani herbal products review
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my verdict on Hemani herbal skin care products


hemani herbal products review

Hey beautiful ladies !!!!!

I just LOVE organic skin and body products. They are not harsh, don’t contain any products that God knows what they have originated from, they don’t have any carcinogens as most of our skin care products contain.
So I am pretty relaxed and don’t have to freak out if I find out something named EDTA or phthalates.
Cause seriously then I lose all the excitement which I usually have when I get a new skincare product, so I, always on the hunt for good natural and organic skin care products.
So I was seeing these posts about Hemani by waseeBadamiami skincare range which is pretty vast by the way. And decided to give it a try
I visited its shop in Safa gold mall. The shop was very nice and the staff was pretty helpful,

They had a huge range from something for eyebrows to foot relaxing spray.
They also have organic foodstuff like organic brown pasta

Well, I tried their following products

Coconut body butter
Shea body butter
Goat milk hand cream
Moringa hair oil
Baby lotion

hemani coconut body butter

Coconut body butter


it contains coconut oil essential oil beeswax and vitamin E


It has grainy and hard consistency but it starts to melt the moment it touches the warmth of skin n glides on. I usually use edible food grade coconut oil for face massage and the feel was the same like that so I’m pretty sure the coconut oil is organic and all natural.

coconut body butter


Smell same as coconut oil and I love that it has no artificial fragrances


Rs 790


Packaging is pretty decent with a sturdy lid and Plastic tub is what u will get at this price

Final verdict

It’s a good organic product contains no artificial stuff so u can easily apply it on face body and feet for extra moisture and glow. Coconut oil is my holy grail skincare product whenever I’m having dull skin days it always helps me get that glow back on 


Shea body butter

It’s the same as the coconut butter except that the ingredients also contain Argan oil and perfume like fragrance which I didn’t like because perfume fragrance means nasty chemicals. I like natural smelling products but not something like a perfume, so I won’t be buying it again for the time being I’m only using it on my heels at night to give them some extra care.


Rs. 790

hemani goat milk hand cream

Goat milk Hand cream

I loved the hand cream I have very dry hands and I’m a sucker of moisturizing hand creams and I love the ones which give me that moisture for a little longer as compared to the ones that get absorbed instantly with no trace of moisture left behind

This one gave me exactly that and my hands felt super soft


the main ingredient is Goat Milk.


Plastic tube but not travel-friendly but khair according to price it’s good enough.

Moisturizing Baby Lotion


It’s good lotion absorbed well smell is also fine not too much.
Won’t be buying it again as I prefer using olive oil or Johnson’s oil gel for my babies


Rs. 250

Naturistic Foot spray


oregano water, sage water, propylene glycol, glycerine, menthol.


spray on feet to eliminate odor while providing refreshed and cooling effect.

Did I like it?

I applied it after coming from the mall and my feet were pretty exhausted. it instantly cooled my feet and gave a refreshing feeling as they mentioned on the bottle. it’s a good addition to foot care routine.


packaging is very nice with double lids and spray bottle perfect for keeping in my purse.


around Rs 400 don’t remember exactly


hemani moringa oil

Moringa hair oil

How to use

Apply on scalp and hair for 20-40 min and wash with shampoo as normal.


It has a flowery smell and lasts even after washing
So if you don’t like the overpowering smell then maybe u won’t like it BUT it worked pretty amazingly and gave my hair instant shine and boost and the smell got faded but did linger on which I didn’t mind at all.

moringa hair oil


Pretty good with a glass bottle and pump so u will get only little amount per pump and no fear of spilling it out too Much


Rs. 450


So this is my verdict on Hemani they have lots of stuff to chose from u can try some as the price is very affordable and it’s a Pakistani brand so we should give it a chance I did love the hand cream coconut butter and foot spray

Have you tried any? Which one will u love to try? Do share your experience

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  1. Very nice review girl, I also love organic skin products…was using co natural products…I’ll try this brand too !

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