hemani herbal products review

my verdict on Hemani herbal skin care products

  Hey beautiful ladies !!!!! I just LOVE organic skin and body products. They are not harsh, don’t contain any products that God knows what they have originated from, they don’t have any carcinogens as most of our skin care products contain. So I am pretty relaxed and don’t have to freak out if I […]

chicken noodle kebab

Chicken Noodle Kebab

Hey, my beauties * waving my hand enthusiastically * So the weather is getting better here in Karachi and with good weather comes good food so recently I made some yummy noodle kebab and shared the process on my Instagram story and I got request of sharing the recipe …. so here I am as […]

how to eat right after a c-section

How to EAT RIGHT after having a CESAREAN

  So you had a c-section or you are going to have one, well it’s pretty overwhelming for the mommy to go through a major surgery and have a little baby as well to look after. so today we are going to talk about  post-c-section diet little changes in diet and lifestyle will help you […]